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Stonevale Concerts 


St. Giles



Stonevale Concerts at St. Giles


14 Sept 2024

6:00 pm

Aleksei Demchenko and Lynette Stulting Piano - Four hand recital

Rarely performed four hand pieces by Mozart, Grieg and others by acclaimed, sell out artists in St Giles Church. Part of Great Barn Festival



20 Oct 2024

3:00 pm

Derek de la Bernardie - Cello

Cello solo recital


Stonevale Concerts

Great Coxwell is a small English village in Oxfordshire just off the main A420 route between Oxford and Swindon.


Stonevale Concerts started in 2006 in the front room of our house here in Great Coxwell. It was supposed to be a one-off fundraising concert, but due to the success and popularity, we kept going with it, and we have now hosted over 150 concerts in total. Stonevale itself has two grand pianos (Steinway and Yamaha) especially for the two-piano concerts, as well as a dual-manual 8’ harpsichord for Baroque concerts. The venue has a seating capacity of 40 people.

Many successful musicians have performed at Stonevale, including Ben Schoeman, Mami Shikimori, Manus Noble, Emanuel Salvador, and Stephanie Childress.


Concerts have always been free but with a donation box to support the artists. After a successful recent concert in our wonderful 12th Century village church, St Giles, and with support from the vicar and her team, we are now also able to use this as a new venue for selected concerts on certain dates through the year.

St Giles Church has a Yamaha Mahogany C3 grand piano and the church can seat up to about 100 people. Whilst there are plans to modernize the facilities there, this will take some time and at present there are no toilets in the church itself.

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Stonevale concerts organises classical music concerts in St Giles church and at Stonevale, a small concert room where professional and amateur musicians perform for the local community.


For concert enquiries or to join the mailing list to receive updates and details of forthcoming concerts list please email:

Stonevale Concerts

St. Giles Church, The Hollow Road, Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire

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